• Who can ride at ACTMCC?

ACTMCC caters for MA licenced and un-licenced riders, both juniors and seniors and covers a variety of riding from training and recreational riding to practice days and racing. All riding is undertaken under MNSW permit and use of any part of the ACTMCC complex outside of a race day, practice day, kick start course, or arranged professional training must seek approval from the relevant discipline Chairperson. More details are available in our Track Hire Policy.

  • Do I have to race?

No, we offer social ridingNo, the club offers a range of social riding, either as recreation riding on a range of natural terrain and training tracks, or practice days on the DT or MX tracks which is advertised on our Facebook site – often at short notice as it is dependent on track availability and getting volunteers to run the days.

  • Do I need a licence for Recreational Riding?

ACTMCC offers Recreational riding and Practice Day riding to riders without MA licences – in effect they purchase a one day licence when they sign on to ride – hence the discount for MA licence holders.

  • What does a social ride day cost?

    Juniors and Seniors: $20

    Family Cap: $60

    Nippers: $15
    Non MA licence holder additional $10

    Day Membership: $20

  • What's the format of a social ride day?

Times vary depending on the day – full days are often 10am – 4pm and afternoon sessions are 3.30pm – 5.30pm but refer to our Facebook site for times on announced ride days

Depending on numbers, bike sizes and rider ages, a number of sessions are defined - with each session being given a set amount of riding each hour. For example, half hour for Juniors then half hour for Seniors throughout the day. Definition of sessions and times is at the discretion of the Practice Day Supervisor.

  • What does it cost to race at ACTMCC?

Dirt Track Seniors $30, Extra classes $15, Juniors $25, Extra classes $10, Family Cap $100

Motocross Seniors $30, Extra classes $15, Junior $25, Extra classes $10, Family Cap $100

Day Licences: $70

In 2015 you will be also charged a $10 water levy

  • I want to start racing - what do I need to know?

To race you need a bike eligible to enter one of the classes for your age, protective gear, club membership and an MA licence.

  • How do I get a licence?

Junior racers (4-U16yrs) must complete the Motorcycling Australia “Kick Start” Junior Rider Training program to obtain a Log Book and Race License from Motorcycling NSW before racing at our Club.
Senior racers need to undertake a “Supplement to Starting out in Motorcycle Sport” theory test and a riding test if they do not hold a motorcycle road licence. More information can be found on the MNSW website.

  • What do I do if I forget my licence or log book on race day?

You need to present your MA licence at Signon to be able to race and your Logbook if you are a junior.

If you have a licence / logbook and have simply left them at home you can sign a Licence / Logbook Declaration Form (Fee $45.00). These forms are sent in to MNSW with the fee and are reconciled to your licence details – you will be fined/ have your licence suspended if you have provided misleading information.

If you don’t have a licence you may be able to get a one day licence - but they cost $100 and you still need to have your log book if you are a junior or, if you are a Senior, have held a licence within 2 years / prove you have passed the theory test .

  • Which disciplines do we offer

DIRT TRACK (DT) is an exciting discipline for riders who want to back it into corners and power slide their way out on a flat track made of compacted granite. All you need to get started is a motocross bike with dirt track tyres and your protective riding gear.

MOTOCROSS (MX) is the exciting art of railing berms, slamming whoops, carving up ruts and flying high over jumps. It this is your idea of fun, then Motocross is the dirt bike sport for you. Our 1.66km FIM standard track incorporates natural terrain and man made obstacles that produce fast, close and exciting racing. MX is one of the most physically demanding sports, that tests both riders and machines to their limits.